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Our photography team has extensive experience in commercial photography. Our services include advertising photography, product photography, portrait, interior photography, food photography, as well as event photography. We create perfect images to help our clients stand out in the market.

Topix Photography


  • Align and understand the project goal

  • Propose shooting direction and location

  • Provide art and styling reference 

  • Suggest and liaise with other working partners like models / talents, make up artists etc.

Topix Photography


  • Indoor and outdoor shooting  

  • Set up with our extensive cameras and lighting equipments, either in our own spacious studio or other venues 

  • Studio / venue decoration 

  • Manage shooting rundown with clients and all parties

Topix Photography


  • Review and propose the most suitable shots for client review 

  • Retouch photos based on the aligned art direction and usage requirements 

One-stop Photography Service



Over the years, Topix has cooperated with over 100 local and multinational brands from different industries, such as Chanel, Coca-Cola, CLP, Disney, FWD, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Town Gas, to create remarkable campaigns, impressive images and videos. 

Topix client_Avene
Topix client_American Express
Topix client_Chanel
Topix client_CLP
Topix client_CocaCola
Topix client_Disney
Topix client_FWD
Topix client_Hong Kong Tourism Board
Topix client_Great
Topix client_Hong Kong Jockey Club
Topix client_Loreal
Topix client_Medilase
Topix client_Mia Cucina
Topix client_Wacoal
Topix client_1010

Our studio

Designed to accommodate different scales of photo or video shooting with a wide range of high-end professional photography and video equipments, we ensure your next project with Topix is a success!

The Lobby Studio

Alan Lai
Chief Photographer and Director of Video Production

Our founder

Leading a team of skilled videographers and photographers, Alan has been partnering with Corporate and Marketing Executives across commercial and public sectors in Hong Kong in producing high-quality videos, social media contents as well as story-telling photographs that effectively engage customers and stakeholders.

With over 20 years of experience in the photography industry, Alan has established himself as an expert in the field. His dedication and talent has won him numerous awards, including The Society of Publishers in Asia Awards and the Best News Photo Award. 

Despite all these achievements, Alan continues to push himself to expand his scope of expertise.  In recent years, Alan has also taken up his new role as Director of advertisement videos production, which he has heavily involved from content development, video production to post-production editing.

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Topix Photography

Impressive Images to Tell your Unique Stories

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